A second parent adoption allows one partner in a relationship to adopt the other partner’s biological or adopted child and become a legal parent to that child.  This type of an adoption can provide security and stability for children being parented by individuals who are not married or whose marriage is not recognized in Florida.  A second parent adoption gives full legal and custodial parental rights to the second parent.  Some of the reasons why a partner who is not the child’s biological or adoptive parent would want to become a legal parent include:

  • It guarantees that the second parent’s custody rights and responsibilities will be protected, even if the couple separates in the future.
  • It ensures the child’s eligibility for health benefits through the second parent.
  • It provides the second parent the right to make educational, health, and other important decisions on behalf of the child.
  • It provides financial security for the child in the event of the death of either parent.

Examples of situations where a second parent adoption might be appropriate include:

  • A lesbian couple where one parent is the biological parent and the child was conceived through donor sperm.
  • A gay couple where a surrogate mother has given birth to a child conceived with one of the men’s sperm.
  • A lesbian or gay couple where one parent previously adopted a child as a single parent.
  • A couple where one partner has a biological child from a previous relationship, and the other parent of the child is willing to relinquish his or her parental rights.

Tammi is proud to provide representation in second parent adoptions; however, this is a dynamic and evolving area of law in Florida and each case is different.  Contact Tammi for a free initial consultation to determine whether a second parent adoption is an option for your family.


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