Services Available for Expectant and Birth Parents

There are many services available to expectant/birth parents who have chosen to place their child into a loving adoptive home. The following is a list of some of the services available:

Matching with adoptive parents
Tammi works with the adoption agency, Destiny Adoption Services and Consulting, Inc., who has many families awaiting the opportunity to become parents. All of them have an approved adoptive home study which is an extensive screening process including multiple background checks, home visits, and adoption education to ensure that the family is emotionally, physically, and financially able to provide a child with a loving and stable home. The agency works with heterosexual and LGBT couples, as well as single individuals, of all backgrounds. We will work with you to determine what you want in a family for your child, as well as what type of openness you would like after the adoption.

Living expenses
Florida law allows prospective adoptive parents or an adoption agency to help an expectant parent with living expenses during her pregnancy and up to six weeks after giving birth. The expenses must be reasonable, and the court must approve them if they are over a certain amount.

Medical care and expenses
If you are not already receiving pre-natal care, we can help you get started. Also, if you are not already insured by Medicaid, our office can help you apply. If you have private insurance, the prospective adoptive parents are allowed to pay for medical expenses not covered by your private insurance.

Supportive and professional counseling is available to you during your pregnancy and after the placement of your child. Counseling can be extremely helpful in preparing you for the hospital experience and relinquishment of your child, as well as the grief and loss feelings that typically accompany the relinquishment. Counseling can involve other members of your family and can help you learn how to explain the adoption to other children whom you are parenting. Counseling can take place in any environment where you feel comfortable, including your home, our office, or another place of your choice.

Doula services
Our office works with a local organization offering Doula services. If requested, a Doula can meet with you prior to delivery and educate you about childbirth and assist you in creating a birthing plan. She can also be with you during labor and delivery as a physical support and “labor coach” if you choose.

Video – From Your Birth Mother With Love Letter
Our office works with a local company who can help you create a video for your child. This is a wonderful way to express your wishes for your child and to share information that you want your child to know about you, your family, and your adoption decision.

Legal Representation
Although Tammi can answer all of your questions and address your concerns, she also believes it is extremely important for an expectant/birth mother to know and understand her legal rights and all of the paperwork that she will be signing; therefore, Tammi offers expectant/birth mothers their own attorney. Legal representation may also be offered to birth fathers. There is no cost to expectant/birth parents for this legal representation, as it is paid for by the prospective adoptive parents.


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